Something that has always bugged me about abortion debates

Whenever I see abortion debates happen, something that always bugged me was how the pro-choice side completely dehumanizes the developing child. They use words/terms like fetus (yes, scientifically it is a fetus, but even then it is a form of dehumanization) or a bunch or cells. Sometimes they ever refer to the child as a parasite. 

It just makes me uncomfortable knowing that an unborn child, someone that could become a functioning member of adult society is being referred to like this. I know that I would hate it if someone compared me to a bug. 

Now I’m pro-choice in the sense that a woman should do what she feels is right. I agree that no one should be forced to go through a pregnancy because that is wrong. But I just hate the dehumanization of the child. When I read about the stages of development, I couldn’t help but cry because nature can do something so beautiful. It’s just beautiful and amazing how a “group of cells” can work together to create a whole new life. That is really beautiful and to dehumanize that is to look down on the creation that nature gives us. I can understand why some people would be pro-life.

Overall, it is up to the woman to get the abortion if she wants. Getting an abortion is the hardest choice anyone will ever make and the woman can only hope that she made the right choice for herself and her unborn child. It just makes me uncomfortable how pro choice people will dehumanize the fetus and reject the beauty of creation just to get their point across. 


  1. opinionatedlion said: Technically it’s just the biological term in all mammals, but yeah I can see what you mean. It seems like pro-choice folks often use that as a way of avoiding having to admit they are human.