I know…it sounds so silly. I shouldn’t let it affect me, I know I shouldn’t, but I just liked him a lot. I really enjoyed talking to him and just hanging out with him overall. I just enjoyed being around him a lot.

He wasn’t perfect. He’s not the greatest thing ever. He’s human and he has plenty of flaws. But I still liked him a lot. And I still do like him a lot. I mean, it’s not love, but yeah…

That guy I really liked a lot and who i dated for a week is in a relationship with someone else now. It hurts a lot, but oh well. Nothing I can do I guess. I think I’ll just cry a bit. That’s okay, right?

So I was right. The guy who sexually assaulted me in January is trying to talk to me again. Last night he texts me out of the blue. I didn’t have his number on my phone (because why should I?) so I didn’t know who it was at first. Then he identified himself. 

Well, he apologized to me, said that he should have treated me with more respect, said that I’m an incredible woman, all that nice stuff. 

I forgive him. I mean, I’ve gotten past it. But I’ll never trust him. And whatever friendship we had before, it means nothing now. But yeah, we can’t ever be friends again and I can’t trust him again. 




dear science side of tumblr,

pls explain why character shaped mac n cheese is better than regular mac n cheese

because squiggle wiggle on tongue yum yum

Actually, the character shapes have more exposed surface area than the regular macaroni noodles so they can be coated with more cheese. Also, the spaces in the shapes create pockets that trap/hold the cheese better than the traditional noodles.

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Well, hello beautiful. You must be Harvey’s squeeze.

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I’m convinced that all these posts were made by Draco Malfoy


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Why is it that on TV and movies when people get into friends with benefits relationships, it totally works out and they end up in an actual relationship but then when I try it it doesn’t work out because the other person ends it after a week for one reason or another?

Well, I can’t have everything I want.

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bonesgirl96 said: Here's a question do you have any tips for an incoming freshman at Texas A&M?

I’m not sure what I can tell you what you haven’t been told already bonesgirl96. Pretty much go to all your classes, pay attention, do your readings before and after class, take good notes, stay on top of assignments, start studying for tests as soon as possible, stay on top of your reading, if you’re having trouble make sure to go to your professor’s office hours. 

And don’t forget to have fun too after you get done with your work. Join clubs. Make friends. During the first weekend of the school year, there is an MSC open house where all the clubs gather and have displays about what they’re about. Go to that. Right now I’m in Inkling Society. It’s a book/writing club and I met some really cool people there. You can join that if that’s what you’re into. 

But yeah, that’s the advice I have to offer. Hope that helps.

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Back in April, I was really happy and content with myself and I wasn’t trying to find anyone. It was great. Then this guy started talking to me. And we got along really well and we watched a lot of movie and stuff. I started liking him a lot. I wasn’t even thinking about a relationship because I was just thankful that I had a new friend to hang out with.

Then he asked me out and I was pretty ecstatic. I said yes. We talked quite a bit and by the second date we made out.

Then the following Monday, pretty much 8 days after he asked me out he ended it. I cried a lot after I read that message. I was just so confused. I thought we got along great and he was the one that asked me out and I tried doing everything right. And he was everything I wanted in a boyfriend. But I guess I wasn’t everything that he wanted. And it’s frustrating because I didn’t even know what he wanted. We never even got to the part of discussing what we wanted from each other.

I’m not going to try anymore. I’m just at that point where I don’t care anymore. It still hurts a lot thinking about that other guy and that was 3 months ago. And sad thing is, that was the longest I’ve ever dated anyone.

It’s probably best if I step back from dating.

Finding that is tough though. And I’ve just been through so much heartbreak and just so much shit when it comes to dating, I just don’t care anymore.

I’m just tired of it all.

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